Sona Kilianova is a songwriter and composer writing songs for other artists and music for film and TV. She is surrounded by the P.opular S.ongwriting Group consisting of songwriters and producers from various countries (USA, UK, Canada, Austria, Russia, . . .).

GENRES:               pop, rock, EDM, Disney style, J-pop, country, a cappella, children's music, . . ., film/TV instrumentals, ...
LANGUAGES:       English, German, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, . . . or any other language (with a native lyricist)
CONTACT:           popular.songwriting []
To listen to our yet unreleased songs, please contact us.

Our past and present clients and partners include:

Artists and bands - selected releases

Lucy and the Dance Gang - Prazdniny
(June 2019)

Lorraine - Hallo Traummann
(TRC Tanit Records, April 2019)

Lifewards - Forgiving

Piccanto - Land in Sicht
(Sony Music, Austria, 2016)

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Click to listen to preview

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Film and TV - selected releases

Ako si predstavit 52!
(Instrumental, 5:04 min, Nov 2019)
(Instrumental, 7:44 min, Sept 2019)

Evanjelicka bohoslovecka fakulta UK
(Instrumental, 13:08 min, August 2019)

Faculty of Natural Sciences CU
(Instrumental, 4:26 min, July 2019)

Click to watch on youtube

Click to watch on youtube

Click to watch on youtube

Click to watch on youtube

We'll write a song for you

If you're seeking pop, pop-rock, chill, soft rock, EDM, K-pop, J-pop, or any other genre, don't hesitate to contact us and we will write it for you.

Music for film/TV

We'll compose and record music for your film.

Anything else?

Video games, wedding songs, commercials, feel free to contact us. We will make sure you get what you want.

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